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About Our Fundraising & Events

Humboldt Sponsors grant funds are raised in a variety of ways.
The popular annual Rummage Sale, held the first Saturday in October, is the primary fundraiser.

This event has become a Humboldt County tradition since 1965.

Humboldt Sponsors offers a variety of other fundraising events throughout the year.
These projects have included the Spring Luncheon and Fashion Show,
Margaritas by Moonlight, and Boots & Bandanas.

In 2020. in response to event cancellations due to COVID19, Humboldt Sponsors initiated a direct-mail fundraiser,
"For the Kids of Humboldt," as well as "Merry Merry Christmas Cheer," a virtual online holiday auction fundraiser.

Project Private Enterprise, or PPE, is another annual fundraising effort. This is an individual creative endeavor
by Active Members to raise money each year for Humboldt Sponsors.

Personal donations and memorial and honorarium contributions are also valuable fundraising sources. 



The needs of our local kids don't stop
during a pandemic!

All the money raised by Humboldt Sponsors during the year
goes directly into our
HUGS Grant Fund to support
the youth of Humboldt County!

Humboldt Sponsors is very grateful for the support of local
community-minded businesses and organizations that so generously
donate their time, money, and materials to help our cause.