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About Us

Humboldt Sponsors is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated raising funds solely to benefit the youth of Humboldt County.

Humboldt Sponsors offers grants supporting educational, recreational, and cultural enrichment opportunities and assisting youth-oriented programs that provide basic needs.  

Humboldt Sponsors Active Members ~ May 2019


Grant applications are solicited from the community on an annual basis. The funding requests received are evaluated and awarded based on need and the criteria presented. Grant funds are designated exclusively for the youth of Humboldt County.

 Since 1973, Humboldt Sponsors
has awarded more than $2,733,000
in grants that have benefited thousands of children in Humboldt County.




The organization, now known as Humboldt Sponsors, originated in 1962 as the Humboldt Circle of the Florence Crittenton Home of San Francisco, a home for unwed mothers. The group remained as such for seven years, contributing its funds exclusively to the Florence Crittenton Home. In 1970, the Humboldt Circle severed its connections with the Florence Crittenton Home in order to devote its energies to charitable causes in Humboldt County.

Humboldt Sponsors became officially incorporated on May 3, 1971. Initially, the group voted annually to support various other local charities.  In 1973, Humboldt Sponsors voted to use its funds solely for youth, through camperships and recreation programs. At that time, the grant awards committee, HUGS, was born and still thrives today.

In 1978, Humboldt Sponsors expanded its goals to support Humboldt County youth in the areas of education, recreation, and culture. Today, this assistance may also extend to helping support youth projects providing basic needs.


Active Members serve as officers,  board members and committee chairs, and also develop fundraising projects.

Associate Members support and participate in Humboldt Sponsors fundraising and social events.

A special recognition luncheon is held annually in December to honor the invaluable contributions of our Associate Members.



Humboldt Sponsors grant funds are raised in a variety of ways. The annual Rummage Sale, held the first Saturday in October, is the primary fundraiser. This event has become a Humboldt County tradition since 1965.

Humboldt Sponsors offers a variety of other fundraising and social events throughout the year. These projects have included the Spring Luncheon and Fashion Show, Margaritas by Moonlight, Boots & Bandanas, Mardi Gras "FunRaiser," the Associate Members' Recognition Luncheon, and Crabs Ball Game "Picnic in the Park" BBQ.

In 2020, Humboldt Sponsors instituted a direct-mail fundraiser, "For the Kids of Humboldt," as well as "Merry Merry Christmas Cheer," a virtual online holiday auction fundraiser.

Another annual fundraising effort is our Project Private Enterprise, or PPE. This is an individual creative endeavor by Active Members to raise money each year for Humboldt Sponsors.

Personal donations, memorial and honorarium contributions are also valuable fundraising sources. 

Humboldt Sponsors is very grateful for the support of local community-minded businesses and organizations that so generously donate their time, money, and materials to help our cause.